We have a Vision of

‘bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ, and growing together in Him.’

As we go about ‘bringing people to faith in Jesus Christ’ we are committed that this

  • will arise out of prayer and a desire to be led by the Holy Spirit
  • will involve sharing our personal faith stories with others
  • will be in the context of Christian community and loving relationships
  • will have a global perspective.


and we ‘grow together in Him’ 

  • through worship which opens hearts and minds to the Gospel and transforms lives to the glory of God
  • through developing a strong network of small groups which helps people become mature followers of Christ
  • through mission which encourages people to be active disciples in the world witnessing to their faith.


Our Core Values are at the heart of who we are:

  • being Bible-based
  • having passionate spirituality
  • enabling every member ministry
  • being mission-shaped
  • maintaining unity