One Lord, one faith, one baptism. - Ephesians 4:5

Baptism is the outward and visible sign of inner faith in Christ and powerfully speaks about a wholehearted desire to follow Jesus in all things. Water is used in Baptism to signify the cleansing from sin that Jesus’ death makes possible, and the new life that God gives us through the Holy Spirit. The Baptism promises are:-

  • I turn to Christ
  • I repent of my sins
  • I reject selfish living and all that is false and unjust
  • I renounce Satan and all that is evil

North Pine Anglican offers people of all ages the possibility of baptism.

For adults – we recommend the Alpha Course as preparation.

For babies and children – the parents and godparents make the Baptism promises on behalf of their child/ren.
A two session preparation course is required called ‘The People of God’ which presents the Christian faith in a clear way, giving new light on the meaning of baptism. This is held on two Sundays prior to the baptism, and involves coming to the 9am service on those weeks, with the Course following the Service.
At least one parent needs to be baptised. Godparents also need to be baptised to be able to make the promises on behalf of another.

Baptism is offered on the:-

  • 2nd Sunday of most months at the 7:00am or 9:00am services at Petrie or
  • 1st Sunday of most months at the 8:30am service at Dayboro.

If you feel that the Baptism promises are not a commitment that you could make at this time in your life, then we do offer an alternative of ‘Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child’ with scripture readings and prayer for God’s blessing upon your child.

To make an enquiry about Baptism or Thanksgiving, please contact us.