Mission and Core Values

At NPAC our Mission is


Putting Jesus
at the Centre of Lives and Communities.

Our Core Values are at the heart of who we are:

  • No Fences

We strive to remove the obstacles that stop people from belonging to our community and developing a relationship with Jesus. We are committed to connecting with people and organisations beyond the boundaries of our buildings.

  • Going Deeper

We seek to encounter God daily, and change minds and hearts through respectful honest conversation, authentic relationships, and Biblical exploration.

  • Together

We are a diverse community made up of people from different ages and cultural backgrounds united in our love of Christ Jesus. We celebrate our diversity and respect one another.

  • Heritage

We value our Anglican heritage and that we are members of a global church with a rich and living tradition.

  • Biblical

We are committed to being a vibrant Bible-based community of faith. We want to help people to think and behave biblically through useful, compelling and applicable content.

  • Youth & Children

We intentionally invest in children, young people and families to see them grow in their love of God.

  • Life Changing

We provide people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, with the tools and the opportunities they need to be transformed, to honour Jesus and serve their community.

  • Adaptive

We recognise the dynamic nature of God. We are flexible, open to new opportunities, and responsive to His leading.

  • Prayerful

We believe that God wants his people to pray and we seek to integrate this into all aspects of our life.